UCA 呼吁全美行动起来反对佛罗里达州的歧视性法律

2023 年 5 月 9 日——昨天,佛罗里达州州长德桑蒂斯签署了参议院第 264 号法案,该法案表面以国家安全的名义,仅仅依据种族、民族和国籍而禁止中国公民在该州购买不动产。

美国华人联合会 (UCA) 是华裔美国人的全国性联盟,我们认为新法律违反了宪法第 14 条修正案和联邦公平住房法所保障的平等权益。UCA 同时认为这项法律很危险,因为它会使针对亚裔美国人的歧视做法和种族主义行为合法化和正常化。

佛罗里达州在其州长的敦促下,通过了这种公然歧视华人和其他亚洲国民的官方法案,不禁让人联想到 150 年前颁布的禁止中国劳工入境的《排华法案》;一个多世纪前通过的加州外国人土地法禁止亚洲人在该州拥有土地;在第二次世界大战期间颁布的第 9066 号总统行政命令监禁了日裔美国人等一系列针对性的法案。

“与其他美国人一样,华裔美国人一直在捍卫我们的国家利益方面发挥着重要作用。任何人都不应该通过歧视或违反我们自己的宪法来解决国家安全问题。这种可恶的法案不仅无助于加强国家安全,”UCA 会长薛海培说,“反而把人们带回到了政客肆意煽动恐慌情绪并恶意践踏无辜美国人民权利的麦卡锡主义年代。德桑蒂斯的这项法案,本质上就是某些政客为了自己的政治利益而进行的“看看谁对中国更强硬’的竞赛。”

UCA将与华美维权同盟 (CALDA)、佛州亚裔维权同盟 (FAAJA) 和其他组织合作,挑战佛罗里达州这项错误的法律,并确保它被联邦法院推翻或被佛罗里达州人民废除。 

UCA呼吁任何关注此法案的美国民众和社会组织与UCA (info@ucausa.org)联系,团结一致,挫败这一歧视性法律!

WASHINGTON DC - Tuesday, May 9, 2023  - Yesterday, Florida Governor DeSantis signed into law Senate Bill 264, legislation that, among other things, prohibits Chinese nationals from acquiring real property in the state based solely on race, ethnicity and country of origin, ostensibly in the name of national security.

The United Chinese Americans (UCA), a national coalition representing Americans of Chinese descent, believes the new law to be in violation of the equal protection guaranteed by 14th Amendment to the Constitution and of the Federal Fair Housing Act. UCA deems this law also dangerous because it would legitimize and normalize discriminatory practice and racist behaviors towards Asian Americans.

With the passage of this blatant act of official discrimination against Chinese and other Asian nationals, Florida, at the urging of its governor, follows in the repugnant and discredited tradition of the Chinese Exclusion Act, enacted nearly 150 years ago to bar the entry of Chinese laborers into the U.S., the California Alien Land Law, passed more than a century ago to prohibit Asians from owning land in the state, and Presidential Executive Order 9066, issued during World War Two to incarcerate Japanese Americans. This is indeed a dark day in American history.

“No less than other Americans, Chinese Americans have always played an important role in defending our national interests. No one should ever address national security concerns by means of discrimination or by violating our own constitution. This odious measure not only does nothing to enhance national security,” said Haipei Shue, president of UCA, “but also brings us back to the McCarthy era, when politicians fearmongered and maliciously stepped on the rights of innocent Americans. This DeSantis’ bill, in essence, is the race to show ‘Who is tougher on China’ among certain politicians for their own political gains.”

UCA will work with Chinese American Legal Defense Alliance (CALDA), Florida Asian American Justice Alliance (FAAJA) and others to challenge this misguided Florida law and see to it that it is struck down by the Federal court or repealed by the people of Florida. We call on Americans in all walks of life, corporations, civic organizations and faith-based groups, to join us condemning this act of blatant discrimination.

UCA is calling for any concerned citizen or organization to contact us (info@ucausa.org) to work with us in solidarity to defeat this discriminatory law.

United Chinese Americans (UCA) 

May 9th, 2023






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